See the leftovers of Long Island's dwellings (non estate) and businesses. From old country stores to abandoned farmhouses, you will find it here. You can learn a lot about looking at old dwellings and places of commerce, whether they are museums or have been abandoned.

As our needs changed, so did some of the institutions our ancestors once relied on. No longer are most students taught in single room schoolhouses, mental institutions no longer warehouse the disturbed, yet there are still many remains from this bygone era. There are many former public facilities of all different uses around Long Island.

Long Island has more museums than most people realize. Some are large and well known, while others may exist in someone's house, yet open to the public. These museums and historical society holdings are vital links to our heritage.

Explore what makes Long Island communities interesting. Every neighborhood on Long Island has fascinating details, sometimes overlooked by residents. Each article is a walk around a particular neighborhood. Remnants from a time gone by are shown and described, as well as the landmarks which make a neighborhood unique.

Long Island has always played a role in our nation's military history. Here is where we cover everything from pre-WWI ruins through Cold War advances such as anti-aircraft missile systems.

We also had a large number of military contractors such as Grumman. From fighter jets to the moon module, Long Island has always played an important roll in military technology. It's no wonder that many remnants of these eras in history remain.

Military Ruins Articles


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